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Policies and Procedures

Posting jobs on the AISES website enables employers to advertise opportunities within their organizations to a wide population of AISES members. AISES’ membership is comprised of professionals, students, educators, and others in science, engineering and related technical fields. With over 3,000 active members, and many others that visit the website, advertising your job postings online with AISES is a great way attract great candidates.

How the Service Works
Posting your company’s job announcements on the AISES website can be done easily. All you need to do is select a Posting Package and call Valara James at (505) 765-1052 x 112 to purchase the package. You will receive your own username and password and you will be allowed to simply logon to our system and enter your job posting. Employers can create or paste an existing electronic copy of their job posting and submit it to AISES online job postings. The posting can then be viewed by anyone reviewing the job postings on our website.

Step #1
Decide Which Package You Would Like to Purchase
AISES offers three job posting packages:

Number of Postings[1]
Unlimited Updates[2]
Package Duration[3]
Company Profile[4]

[1] This is the number of job postings in the package. Once a job is posted, it may or may not be updated (changed) depending on the package purchased (see [2] for more details). If a job is filled or you would like to remove the posting from being viewed by visitors to our website, you may inactivate your job posting and reactivate the posting should you decide to run the posting again. Updating or reactivating a posting does not extend the 3-month posting period specified for the package.

[2] If Package B or C is purchased, all job postings have unlimited updates. You may update the posting as many times as necessary. Package A job postings may not be edited.

[3] All Packages are valid for a 3-month period. You may specify the start date for you Package upon purchase. Any job posting that are not used with the Package Duration are forfeited and no refunds will be provided. All postings that are submitted will be displayed for the duration of your Package. You may inactivate your job posting at any time to stop it from being visible to those reviewing the postings. Once your Package expires, no postings from that Package will be displayed to reviewers.

[4] If Package B or C is purchased, you will be allowed to enter a Company Profile specifying your company name and details about what your company does. Visitors to our website will have the option of reviewing Company Profiles and viewing all job postings for your company. A Company Profile is not provided with Package A.

[5] Non-profit organizations do not receive a discounted rate on postings, but will receive one free posting (Package A) for every Package purchased at full price. Educational institutions are considered non-profit organizations. All other organizations that provide verification of 501(c)3 status are eligible for the free posting. Government agencies are not considered non-profit agencies for the purpose of assessing costs associated with our job posting Packages.

Step #2
Make Payment and setup a user account:
Contact Valara James at (505) 765-1052 x 112 and provide the following information:

  • Method of payment for your selected posting Package*
  • Company Name
  • First and last name of company point-of-contact responsible for posting job opportunities
  • Valid email address of company point-of-contact

*Method of Payment Options

1) Invoice 2) Credit Card
  • Billing contact person
  • Mailing address
  • Telephone number
  • Purchase order number
  • Credit card type (AISES accepts Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover)
  • Credit card expiration data
  • Cardholder name
  • Cardholder telephone number
  • Cardholder mailing address
For Invoice Payments: Once AISES receives billing information, we will mail you an invoice for the required fee(s). If you elect to have AISES issue an invoice, you must provide AISES with a purchase order number and contact information for your organization's billing department. The payment should be made payable to AISES and should be mailed to AISES Accounting Department P.O. Box 9828, Albuquerque, NM 87119-9828

Once AISES processes your payment, an email will automatically be sent to the company point-of-contact with a username, password and hyperlink to log onto our system. At that time, job postings may immediately be submitted.

Other Related Terms of Use

  • No employer logos or employment applications will be posted
  • When using the system, organizations assume all responsibility for the accuracy and timeliness of their postings
  • AISES does not offer a trial period for organizations to test the system prior to use
  • AISES will also not issue any refunds for purchases made to utilize this system
  • AISES reserves the right to change or update this policy at any time
Revised: November 2012